Sail Alyosha in the Virgin Islands

Some preliminary information for those interested in chartering Alyosha this coming winter…

You know the boat (we’re only marketing this to people who have sailed with us before), and you know some of the captains!



Alyosha is a 50 ft. long sailing catamaran built by St. Francis Marine which circled the globe before becoming available for cruises in Ocean City, MD. The boat is well-equipped to be an excellent platform for exploring the beautiful beaches and bays of St. Thomas and St. John in the Virgin Islands. With three staterooms available- each will a private shower/toilet, six people can very comfortably vacation on the vessel

The Brothers Butz

Captain Steve is the owner of Alyosha and hosts charters and tours in the summer months from Ocean City, MD. Brothers Dave and Jim also grew up sailing and our licensed captains and sailboat owners. Throughout the course of the winter, the Brothers Butz will rotate captaining Alyosha.

SPECIAL OFFER for past guests
One Week Getaway

There is nothing quite like sailing in the islands during the winter months. Plenty of sunshine, plenty of wind to whisk the boat from one fantastic snorkeling spot to to another, and plenty of glorious sunsets and cocktails to be had aboard at the various island hot spots...

We are going to offer extremely affordable, one week getaway vacations this coming winter to those who have sailed on Alyosha before.

Each day will feature a new location to explore after a beautiful sail to get there. And because everything is close and protected by the reefs there is not much sea to contend with. A special focus will be on the island of St. John’s and the incredible National Parks there…

Many of those who have sailed on Alyosha have come out because a sailing trip in the islands was one of their very best vacations.

Guests will be able to choose an itinerary that suits their group perfectly, from sticking around the main islands of St. Thomas and St. John or a more adventurous sail to St. Croix!

Trip Design

For our first year, we are going to take a little different tack and offer something a little closer to what is called a “bareboat” charter- with a captain included. 


We are intentionally pricing this very low for our first year. We know what the market is right now for this kind of experience (check it out here– most boats of Alyosha’s size book for well above $20k/week) and we know how comfortable Alyosha is in this environment. But we are new to this, and we intend to market this to a select group of people- those who have sailed with us before. Our biggest hope is to deliver “value” well above what you have paid for!!!

December 2022


January, February, March 2023


There is one week left!

March 3rd - 10th

Bookings will be on a first come, first served basis: HOWEVER priority will be given to those who are able to book all 3 staterooms with friends. 

We are currently finalizing the bookings for our first year but there is still some availability…

Please email Captain Steve directly if you are interested. He is delighted to answer any and all inquiries about how these trips will be run.

Get Ready to Experience Your Best Vacation Ever!