Light winds out of the east should have us sailing along the coast- definitely a “chill” ride out there today. Plenty of slots open to get out on our catamaran and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean!

Glide up and down Ocean City’s beautiful Atlantic coastline or back in the coastal bay area behind Assateague Island on Alyosha. The real fun starts when the engines turn off and the only thing powering the boat is the wind.

Here's what's new in 2024

Ocean Sailing "101"

We cut the price on this trip, and we made it slightly shorter. Perfect for groups that aren’t sure how they will handle Ocean Sailing

Ocean Sailing “Advanced”

For those who know the boat, know the captain, and know that they want a super sized experience: nearly 4 hours!

Hands On Sailing: Deep Immersion

We have revamped how we are doing our hands on sailing experiences (Thursdays…) Customers are going to handle EVERY aspect of this sailing excursion, right down to docking the boat under the careful, patient instruction of Captain Steve!

What kind of adventure are you seeking?

The Thrill of Sailing

See another side of Ocean City from the Atlantic Ocean. Experience the pure joy of sailing fast on a 50’ catamaran! The incredible views, marine life on display, engaged captain/crew,   and serene movement on the water without engines make these unforgettable experiences…

Chillin' on Alyosha

Sit back (or lay back on the spacious trampolines!) and take in OC’s West Harbor, and the coastal bays adjacent to Assateague Island. We can’t always conjure up those magical Assateague ponies but we can ensure your family/friends and/or significant other will have an incredible platform to experience the beauty of Ocean City. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages of your choosing…

Party on a Catamaran

For many people, catamarans evoke memories of past experiences on catamarans in different environments, and good times with friend and family. On Alyosha, we have a couple of trips specifically dedicated to the party atmosphere large catamarans often are know for. Check out Ocean City’s version of Island Time and feel free to bring adult beverages of your choosing…

Private Charters

Interested in one of our trips, but want the boat all to yourself? No problem! The first group to book a trip has the option of making it an exclusive experience just for them.

We also offer Alyosha for private charters outside of our normally scheduled trips for an hourly fee.

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