If you are considering the Alyosha “Party on a Catamaran,” “Happy Hour,” and/or the “Assateague Island Sunset Cruise” then no worries- you will not have an issue.

We have run hundreds of trips touring along the West OC Commercial Harbor and in the Sinepuxent Bay inland of Assateague Island and we have not had anyone get sick. The fact of the matter is that Alyosha is a 50’ Catamaran and the small waves that could possibly kick up on the inland waterway don’t move the boat at all. Waves from passing vessels may temporarily rock the boat but the motion quickly subsides….

Out on the Atlantic Ocean… that’s a different story. And so the below advice is offered to anyone booked or considering booking an Ocean Sailing Adventure.

Depending on the conditions, sailing Alyosha out on the Atlantic Ocean can be anything from a chill ride to an absolute thrill ride- largely dependent on the winds and waves. In 2022, we are going to add a “conditions” update to our website- including automatic messaging- to try and prepare people on what to expect on their particular trip. (and if it is too rough out there, we just don’t go out!)

With the idea that knowledge is power, we offer several “Do’s and Dont’s” related to seasickness on Alyosha:

  1. Do take anti-motion sickness drugs about 30 minutes before your trip on Alyosha if you are susceptible to motion sickness;
  2. Don’t use Alyosha as a “testing ground” to see if your already-prone-to-motion-sickness child will get seasick- odds are they probably will…
  3. Do know that there are plenty of places to sit on the deck of Alyosha during the entire experience- all outside and in fresh air! Clear visibility of the horizon and a fresh breeze are immensely helpful in preventing seasickness;
  4. Don’t make Alyosha your “second day after a night of partying” event! We saw this happen quite a few times last year…. A nice hangover will substantially increase your odds of feeling nausea out on the ocean- trust us on this!
  5. Do trust your gut about whether you are going to be susceptible to motion sickness- if you “think” you are susceptible, then you likely are- take the drugs!
  6. Don’t worry if you end up getting sick. It happens to the best sailors. Captain Steve and his crew will help you get through it.
  7. Do know that we have yet to find a motion sickness drug that is really effective after someone starts feeling sick- see #1 above;
  8. Don’t think that the captain and crew are going to be upset if someone does get sick- nope, not even a little… We just can’t stand the idea of people (who are prone to seasickness) paying for agony.