Captain Steve’s “Take on Today’s Sailing”

In an effort to set expectations for your sailing adventure on Alyosha, Captain Steve is committed to setting a quick little “take” on the weather and sea conditions that will impact trips on Sail Alyosha. Keep in mind that after doing this for three years, there are a couple of things that can be taken for granted:

  1. Prevailing summer conditions are for a south to southwest breeze that builds throughout the day but diminishes as the sun sets. These conditions exist for about 50% of the summer season;
  2. The more east in the breeze, and the longer we have a southeast breeze, the bigger the seas will build;
  3. The most unpredictable conditions usually come with a strong north/ northeast breeze. We have had fantastic sails in these conditions, but have also had some larger waves/rougher seas;
  4. West wind= calmer seas. Even big west winds are welcome! The shoreline blocks the development of the seas and so Alyosha moves fast but with much less motion.

Remember: This is about comfort and not safety:  All of these conditions are safe for your trip on this 50’ catamaran! (Alyosha and her captain have sailed around the world…) We will not take people out if it is too rough.